Berkeley Heights Democrats – Change We Can Agree On!

The Berkeley Heights Democrats are fighting for open, balanced government that listens and learns from our community – you, the residents and taxpayers. Our candidates, in reflecting our mission, wish to move our town forward, not to the “left” or “right”, bringing all of us together to make positive changes.

We welcome your support – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – in helping us do so!

Together, we can make the future of Berkeley Heights worth fighting for!

Meet our 2018 local candidates!

Angie Devanney is running for Mayor this year, while Alvaro Medeiros and Stephen Yellin are running for Township Council. This upcoming election will decide the future of our township and Country. Here at home in Berkeley Heights – our taxes, our community, whether your voice is heard and our roadmap for the future – are at stake.

Issues We Hope to Address

We will work with the community to find reasonable, workable solutions to the challenges we face, including our deteriorating roads, protecting our public library and our town’s environment, maintaining quality schools, revitalizing our downtown district and sports fields, improving communication and transparency between your local government and YOU, and how your taxpayer money is being used.

We live in a thriving, diverse, close-knit community, but we share the view of many residents that we can do better than where are now. They tell us that they want change, and we do need to make changes in many areas. We share their belief that electing the same people year after year is not the best way of making change happen.