Berkeley Heights Democrats: Change We Can Agree On!

The Berkeley Heights Democrats are fighting for open, balanced government that listens and learns from our community – you, the residents and taxpayers. Our candidates, in reflecting our mission, wish to move our town forward, not to the “left” or “right,” bringing all of us together to enact positive changes.

We welcome your support – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – in helping us do so!

Together, we can take our town to new Heights!

Meet our Town Council Democrats!

The 2018 election was a turning point for our town. We listened to what you had to say, and now we are ready to work for you! Our taxes, our community and our roadmap for the future are at stake.

Angie Devanney

Angie Devanney was elected as Berkeley Heights' first female mayor in November 2018. She served as Berkeley Heights township administrator from 2004-07 and was named 2004 Business Administrator of the Year by the Regional Gateway Chamber of Commerce. In 2005, she was won the Women of Excellence Award in environmental advocacy. She is past president of the Mountain Park PTO and is currently the secretary for the Berkeley Heights Police Athletic League (BH PAL), as well as a small business owner.

Alvaro Medeiros

Alvaro Medeiros is a successful business leader who has worked at AT&T for more than 25 years, rising through the ranks to sales center associate vice president, overseeing a team of directors and account executives with a sizable budget. He has also negotiated many large deals on behalf of the company. With a strong background in sales, marketing and operations, Alvaro’s business acumen will be particularly beneficial to our town government. Locally, Alvaro has served as a committee member and troop activities coordinator for The Boys Scouts of America, Troop 368, and in several leadership positions with the Governor Livingston High School marching band. Alvaro is on the Board of Health.

Stephen Yellin

Stephen Yellin is a lifelong Berkeley Heights resident who has worked to give residents a voice in our town’s future. He helped save the Emerson Lane/Free Acres neighborhood from overdevelopment, fought to give our firefighters the tools they need to keep us safe, and pushed for real improvements in communications and transparency at Town Hall. A recycling and environmental sustainability advocate, Stephen is now on the Communications Committee and the Memorial Park Committee.
Susan Poage

Susan Poage

Susan Poage is a beloved teacher in Berkeley Heights who won a council seat in the November 2017 election. She raised her two daughters in Berkeley Heights and is always looking for ways to give back. She was a member of the Board of Health in 2018 and is now council vice president, as well as a Planning Board member.

Issues We Hope to Address

We will work with the community to find reasonable, workable solutions to the challenges we face, including upgrading our deteriorating roads; protecting our public library and our town’s environment; maintaining quality schools; revitalizing our downtown district and sports fields; improving communication and transparency between your local government and YOU, and how your taxpayer money is being used.

We live in a thriving, diverse, close-knit community, but we share the view of many residents that we can do more. They tell us that they want change, and we do need to make changes in many areas. We share their beliefs that the status quo is insufficient and new voices are necessary. We are excited that process is underway!