Month: October 2018

‘Hatred and Racism, Whether Overt or Subtle, Need to be Called Out’

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – We, as the Democrats Club of Berkeley Heights, are disturbed and saddened by the recent racist graffiti and KKK propaganda distributed around our community. We find this unacceptable. Period.

We extend our support to those who have been directly affected by these hateful actions. Prejudice and intolerance have been lurking in our area and in our town for years, and it is time that we, as a community, stand up and say “ENOUGH”. Hatred and racism, whether overt or subtle, need to be called out wherever we find them. With the help of concerned citizens, local groups, and hopefully, the entire Berkeley Heights community, we will address this problem through education, outreach, and inclusion. We have started by creating a Democrats Club committee dedicated to advancing initiatives in our town to combat hate.

People are trying to divide us, but we will pull together instead. Everyone should feel welcome and accepted in Berkeley Heights. No one should feel afraid or alone. We will work to make this a reality.

The Berkeley Heights Democrats Club Executive Board