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‘Hatred and Racism, Whether Overt or Subtle, Need to be Called Out’

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – We, as the Democrats Club of Berkeley Heights, are disturbed and saddened by the recent racist graffiti and KKK propaganda distributed around our community. We find this unacceptable. Period.

We extend our support to those who have been directly affected by these hateful actions. Prejudice and intolerance have been lurking in our area and in our town for years, and it is time that we, as a community, stand up and say “ENOUGH”. Hatred and racism, whether overt or subtle, need to be called out wherever we find them. With the help of concerned citizens, local groups, and hopefully, the entire Berkeley Heights community, we will address this problem through education, outreach, and inclusion. We have started by creating a Democrats Club committee dedicated to advancing initiatives in our town to combat hate.

People are trying to divide us, but we will pull together instead. Everyone should feel welcome and accepted in Berkeley Heights. No one should feel afraid or alone. We will work to make this a reality.

The Berkeley Heights Democrats Club Executive Board

Joint Statement from the Berkeley Heights Democratic Committee & the Berkeley Heights Democrats Club

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Last year, signs that proclaimed “Hate Has No Home Here” sprung up across Berkeley Heights in order to show our commitment to making our town a truly open, welcoming community. Unfortunately, recent comments on social media show the need for all of us to continue speaking out, whenever or wherever hate speech is heard.

Racism, bigotry, or any other kind of open discrimination has no place in Berkeley Heights, and we will continue to raise our voices against hate speech whenever it rears its ugly head.

Berkeley Heights Democrats Condemn Acts of Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Berkeley Heights Democrats issued a statement yesterday, condemning the violence committed by Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia. One woman were killed when one of the extremists plowed his car into a crowd of citizens peacefully protesting their actions, 2 police officers died while patrolling the scene, and many others were assaulted and injured by the marchers, who carried Nazi and Confederate flags and chanted racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic slogans as they marched.

“We join with the vast majority of Americans, including most political leaders in both parties, in calling the disgraceful acts in Charlottesville what they are: acts of domestic terrorism, perpetrated by a movement that seeks to dehumanize people of color, Jews and Muslims, and the LGBTQ community,” said George Devanney, Chairman of the Berkeley Heights Democratic Committee. “Their hateful beliefs go against everything our country stands for, and we must have zero tolerance for violence and terror as a political tool to advance their extreme agenda. As Americans, we cherish the values of equality and respect for all, regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation. We must always speak up and defend those values when they are attacked, as did the victims in Charlottesville.”

Earlier this year, several neighboring towns, such as Chatham Borough, Cranford and Madison passed “Open and Welcoming Resolutions”, which would publicly declare that Berkeley Heights would not “condone or tolerate any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability or veteran status.” “We believe the time is right for the Mayor & Council to reexamine this issue and adopt our own Open and Welcoming Resolution,” the statement continued. “It is important that our community officially speaks out against discrimination, not just as ordinary residents.”

While Berkeley Heights Democrats would ordinarily not speak out on national issues, added Devanney, “This is no ordinary time. It is a time for all of us to get involved, and to work together to ensure that the values that make us Americans will triumph over the forces of fear, hate, and violence. We must take action on all levels, locally, statewide and nationally, to make this happen.”

All Democrats who are interested in joining the Berkeley Heights Democrats are encouraged to email Mr. Devanney at, or Stephen Yellin, President, Berkeley Heights Democrats Club at Residents can find updates on the Berkeley Heights Democratic Party on Facebook at