Get Involved with the Club

Want to join a great group of people working for Change We Can Agree On? Join Today!

Want to help take our country back? Then we can’t sit on the sidelines – now is the time to get involved! We will be holding several events in Berkeley Heights between now and Election Day in November. Your time and effort is just as valuable to us as your financial support. If you want to join our grassroots-style campaign, e-mail us at and we’ll be in touch! Among the things you can do are:


Help spread the word about our candidates by going door-to-door with other Berkeley Heights volunteers!

Host an event

Host a “coffee” or house party at home – invite your neighbors over to hear our candidates and ask them questions!

BH Democrats

The Power of the Pen (well, keyboard)

Write emails, FB messages, and/or a letter to our local news outlet stating why you’re supporting our local candidates!

Lawn Signs

Put a campaign sign on your front lawn – particularly if you live on a busy road or intersection!


Contribute financially – we don’t have any Super PACs, and we don’t need them! Click here for more information on how to donate.

Want to Get Involved?

Let us know what you would like to help with and a member of the appropriate committee will get in touch!